GP of Dubai

The GP of Dubai was indeed a very hard race for me. In the 3 month break we had from the World Championship series I suffered an injury in my achilles tendon which forced me to stop all kind of training where the achilles tendon was involved. This included riding, running, rowing and most kinds of strength training involving my legs. For the first two months I could hardly even wear shoes at all. When I was finally getting rid of my injury a few weeks before the GP of Dubai, I managed to get sick, and could not shake the cold before the race.

My conditions for performing at a world class level were extremely poor, but I gave it a shot anyway.

For the first moto I had a good start and stayed in 3rd position for the entire race until I was purposely blocked by a lapper on the last lap, which forced me to make a mistake which cost me one position.

For the 2nd moto, the wind had picked up and it was starting to get rough. I was in 4th place for a while until I did a huge sub and lost 4 position in one go.

For the last moto, the conditions were completely crazy. The waves were taller than me at times and there was crossing chop at the same time. I had a horrible start and made a lot of mistakes along the way to do my absolutely worst finish ever in the World Championship, both for the last moto, and overall for the GP of Dubai.

It was really hard to loose so many points and not being able to ride anywhere near my usual speed. I hope I will not have to endure something like this again.

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