Nordic Championship in Finland

The Nordic Championship in Finland was a great race for the SAS-racing team despite some major hickups along the way.

After winning the two first motos in Ski GP3 by about half a lap, I was sabotaged in the start of the third moto. A finnish rider had expressed to me earlier that morning that "he was going to take me" in the start today. I didnt think much of it at the time, but when he gave up his holeshot to block and sabotage me, I reallized he ment it. I still managed to pass my way up through the field and finish 2nd behind one of the kids in Team Norway Junior Aquabike whom did a tremendous job.

In Ski GP1 I had some trouble in moto 1 where I had to give up my lead and come to shore to get something out of my pump before continuing the race. This gave me a 13th place or so. After winning the next two motos I still managed to get a 2nd place overall in between my fellow Norwegian national team buddies.

Emma-Nellie also managed to take home the title in the Ladies class after completely trashing one of her engines while riding in the GP1 class

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