All parts available in Norway and at races, contact for shipping or delivery at a race near you



This ride plate will improve the handling on your Superjet drastically in every aspect. It will improve stability in a straight line, it will make the ski easier to lean when entering a corner and it may even feel like the ski is on rails going through the corner due to the enormous amount of grip.
Due to the new material HFC Flex this new ride plate will also work as suspention for your ski just like suspention works on a MX bike.


The Pro Watercraft Racing rear sponsons add incredible stability and rear grip to your Yamaha Superjet. Unlike regular rear sponsons, the Pro Watercraft Racing rear sponsons dont have the inconsistant grip and the "hooking and catching" feeling that you will encounter with any other kind of rear sponsons. These rear sponsons are not only the best performing rear sponsons on the market, they are also the most affordable rear sponsons on the market.



The Pro Watercraft Racing trey extentioner/ergo kick will work in the same way as your usual kicker. In addition to adding the nice kick to the end of your trey, the special design of this kicker allows you to utilize the entire trey giving you a longer trey. Also, this kick is shaped after the prints we leave after riding a moto. This kick gives perfect support and maximizes the contact surface between your foot and the tray.


This racing lanyard can be attached to your life vest to avoid having it wrap around your handlebars as you ride. The rolled up design keeps the lanyard as short as possible, yet just long enogh. This way you dont have a long lanyard swirling around. The head that clamps on to the start/stop switch is also a tight fit to make sure it does not come loose while riding.


The Performance rubber bumper will help the ski carve into the water to inichiate the turns far better than any OEM bumpers. Where the OEM bumpers have a more square form that will create a larger floating surface for the bond flange, the Performance rubber bumper creates a far sharper edge wich helps carve through the water instead of keeping the bumper form cutting through the water like the OEMs.


If your mats are wearing out, or if you are tired of slipping on the slippery OEM mats when you are out riding. Try the brand new Jettrim bottom mats with Stian Schjetleins own custom design (not the one in the photo). These are ergonomically fitted to give you the best possible grip at all times. The pattern has gone through extensive testing to make sure it is as good as it can possibly be.